When should a child be evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder

understanding autism

6 Signs that you should have your child evaluated for Autism

Why does it get overlooked?

As Parents we never want to believe that anything is abnormal about our children because we fear that they would be rejected. The world could be cruel if our children act or look different than those around them and so we ignore signs to ensure our children fit in. Sometimes children on the spectrum simply get overlooked because parents just don’t know what to look for. Here are 6 signs that Autism may be a possibly and even if your child has a lot of the signs it isn’t a guarantee that they may have autism.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Before we dive into the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder lets first get a better understanding of what exactly it means. It is a developmental disorder caused by abnormal brain function, which usually appears before children are 3 years old. It is often accompanied by intellectual disability, epilepsy, hyperactivity, withdrawal, and emotional disturbance. Students with autism have three major obstacles in daily life: interpersonal relationship, language expression and behavioral obstacles.

Types Of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Childhood
  • Early Infantile
  • Kanner’s Syndrome
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder

No two people with autism are similar. Having said that, all people with autism have common characteristics and doctors will ask specific questions to figure out if they fit into the category. These characteristics exist in the so-called “triad of obstacles”.

The triad of obstacles includes major deficits in three areas of development:

1. Social barriers
2. Verbal and non-verbal communication barriers
3. Thinking and behavior barriers

Signs of ASD Include:

Lack of Interest in faces or emotions

If your baby avoids looking at you when you are smiling, talking, or playing, this may be an early sign of autism. When you try to get their attention, your child may occasionally like to look at an interesting object, but when you try to play with them, you can’t get his response. This should be abnormal.

Unable to share attention

Do Not Share A Toy

If you point to something in the room and say to your child: “Look at that!” Does your child follow your eyes or fingers to see what you want to show? Not looking indicates a limited response to shared concerns.

Unable to communicate without direct communication

Man in Black Hoodie Sitting on Couch

Without direct communication, children with autism are often unable to communicate their ideas or needs to others verbally and non-verbally.

Avoid social Interaction

Person Covered with White Cloth

Babies and toddlers and preschoolers will show great interest in other children but depending on age this can be developmentally appropriate. Children who are on the spectrum seem to have no feelings for other children and do not engage in play.


Child Holding Clear Glass Jar With Yellow Light

If your child hasn’t babbled in 12 months, has no clear words in 16 months, or has no meaningful, spontaneous two-word phrases (not including repeated or imitated phrases) in 24 months, you should Consider having them evaluated. 

Toe Walking

Crop woman standing on wall border of building

Unknowingly, Toe walking could be a sign of autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or a short Achilles tendon but it ca also be a sign of serious neurological issues.

Sensory Sensitivity or Sensory overload?

Girl Holding Yellow Plastic Cup Full of Macaroni

Many children with Autism (not all) have sensory needs but some cannot handle too much sensory input as it becomes a sensory overload but with help these issues can become managed. Check out my page on Sensory play.

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