Activities for toddlers

Sensory Play with Pinto Beans

Here are some fun sensory activites for toddlers and preschoolers

Activities for toddlers are activities focused on toddler development. I am writing from experience toddlers love these activities.

This is a simple Sensory Play activity that you can do with your little ones it is also small so little ones must be monitored.

Pinto beans and add some foam letters and a cup for them to scoop and play and let the magic begin.

You can add color to the pinto beans as well to make it more colorful and exciting for children

Slime Sensory Play

Slime is a mess free way for toddlers to explore with their hands but not make a huge mess

I will say I have found It is an easy clean up and can be used anywhere place them in a tray I have found these trays at dollar tree.

It is also fun to change the colors according to the learning topic or change the bean color according to the season

Color Match Game for Toddlers

I love this game it is a fun yet simple way to teach colors and counting for young preschoolers

First draw circles and have the child match the bears with the corresponding color

Lastly count the bears together I added addition signs and mixed bear colors for more high skilled preschoolers

Fun Fine Motor Skill Activity

This is an all time favorite although you can find any cereal that has loops or any other cereal

I have bought this Shopkins Cereal but would recommend something with better O shapes

A few examples would be Cheerios, Fruit loops, Apple Jacks

Additionally, toddlers will need help with this activity but it helps them establish fine motor skills.

Preschool Activities for older toddler or preschool activities.

What I love about these activities are they are fun you can do them in a preschool setting or as a homeschooler

Pasta Fiesta Sensory Play Idea for Toddlers

This is going to be a favorite of toddlers not to mention toddlers love to make a mess

another thing to consider is if you place them in a tray clean up is a breeze most of the pasta stayed in the bucket

You can use color pasta as well as it would add color and fun for toddlers

Baby Doll Washing Activity

Baby dolls need a bath too this is a fun activity for toddlers to engage in

it is also an easy clean up if you use a bucket to put the water in

I recommend a table cloth or shower curtain under the child to keep the water from getting everywhere

I added a little soap and a wash cloth and the toddlers enjoyed this activity for about 10-15 mins

Additionally I hope you enjoyed my Sensory ideas for toddlers


What are some fun activities for a 2 year old?

Coloring, Painting, Chalk, Music 2 year old’s love to sing and dance Coco Melon is really popular right now as it sings all the nursery rhymes that 2 year old’s love I would also recommend something for toddlers to get their hands dirty they love to make a mess

What activities can I do with my toddler at home?

Toddlers love to sort so having toddlers put laundry or socks in a basket it fun for them playing with slime is a mess free way for toddlers to get their hands dirty. There is also:
Coloring, Painting, Singing, Learning activities, Outdoor play, Paint the ground with water, Puzzles

How do I entertain my toddler all day

A routine is the best way to entertain your toddler they will know what to expect and a day filled with fun activities is sure to keep their attention I recommend limiting television to 1-2 hours a day spend the day outdoors and try some of these fun activities.

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