Activities for toddlers

Sensory Play with Pinto Beans Activities for toddlers are activities focused on toddler development. I am writing from experience toddlers love these activities. This is a simple Sensory Play activity that you can do with your little ones it is also small so little ones must be monitored. Pinto beans and add some foam lettersContinue reading “Activities for toddlers”

Activities to do with toddlers/preschoolers

This is a simple sensory play activity that you can do with your little ones pinto beans and add some foam letters and a cup for them to scoop and play and let the magic begin. Slime is a mess free way for toddlers to explore with their hands but not make a huge messContinue reading “Activities to do with toddlers/preschoolers”

Managing the Unknown(Fostering)

“Foster Children are broken the don’t need you to fix them they just need you to love them” ~Ladyldc How do you manage a child that you know very little about? Fostering is like giving birth to a child that was born 6 or 7 years old it is a process of building a relationshipContinue reading “Managing the Unknown(Fostering)”