Children with Trauma Disciplining

Advertisements All children need a superhero Children with Trauma Children with Trauma have experienced scary things so they do not process things the same. Try to be gentle and understanding its okay to become frustrated that means you are being a parent How do I discipline a child with trauma? What is trauma? So How […]

Understanding Traumatic Behavior

Advertisements Trauma is like… The spider that scared you three weeks ago but you still look for the spider everyday as if it will reappear once again Understanding Traumatic Behavior can become complicated at times we see our children’s behaviors as just being terrible 2 or terrible 6 or preteen 11 or teenage 15 and […]

Managing the Unknown(Fostering)

Advertisements “Foster Children are broken the don’t need you to fix them they just need you to love them” ~Ladyldc How do you manage a child that you know very little about? Fostering is like giving birth to a child that was born 6 or 7 years old it is a process of building a […]

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