Discipling a Child with Trauma

For some children a simple go to your room or even just a positive reinforcement works change the subject talk about how they have on character shoes and that will do most children will simply move one so why isn’t it the same for children with trauma? How do I discipline a child with trauma?Continue reading “Discipling a Child with Trauma”

Understanding Traumatic Behavior

Understanding Traumatic Behavior can become complicated at times we see our children’s behaviors as just being terrible 2 or terrible 6 or preteen 11 or teenage 15 and at times we overlook the things that they are affected by in their environments or traumatic things they experience in life that sets them up for theContinue reading “Understanding Traumatic Behavior”

Activities to do with toddlers/preschoolers

This is a simple sensory play activity that you can do with your little ones pinto beans and add some foam letters and a cup for them to scoop and play and let the magic begin. Slime is a mess free way for toddlers to explore with their hands but not make a huge messContinue reading “Activities to do with toddlers/preschoolers”